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ProAV Engineering Limited, a Hong Kong based professional engineering company, provides services of Sound, Video, Lighting System and Acoustic Treatment to all sorts of clients, including educational institutions, churches, social welfare organizations, commercial organizations, performance venues, etc. Our line of business covers from consultancy, design, installation engineering to maintenance service, e.g. to design and install recording studio or film post-production studio for our clients. The first Dolby Atmos (Home Content) certified post-production studio in Asia, of One Cool Production Limited, was recently designed and installed by ProAV.


Our engineer, certified to be a THX-HAA Home Theatre Advanced Integrator and ISF Level III Calibrator, is dedicated to providing services of design, installation and commissioning for high-end home theatre. In addition, ProAV is the authorized distributer of Changhong Laser Projector and TRS (professional sound system, home theatre, karaoke entertainment system) in Hong Kong and Macau. We are also providing the sales of audio/video products from other world-famous brands, suiting all your needs.




本公司之THX/HAA 認證高級集成工程師及isf視頻認證工程師,專為客戶提供高端家庭影院之設計、安裝及調試服務。本公司同時亦為長虹激光投影機之香港及澳門總代理,及TRS 專業音響、家庭影院與卡拉OK娛樂系統之香港及澳門總代理,同時銷售世界知名品牌影音產品,滿足您的不同需要。




​本公司為TRS 專業音響及家庭影院香港及澳門總代理

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